Interfacing gets a review + Poet in Profile at Open Book.

Interfacing with the Internet got a generous and attentive review from Grace Halden; at Science Fiction Film and Television&; (Volume 8, Issue 3, Autumn 2015):

“The breadth of analysis here and the sheer volume of practical examples offered are a considerable strength in this piece of work. A text such as this cannot help but be broad when uniting the already enormous topics of ‘the Internet’ and ‘Popular Culture’; however, rather than feeling ‘light’ the abundance of sources at work in Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Culture helps to provide a rich vein of information.”

As well, Blair Trewartha did a mini profile about upcoming works, including the ChessBard and the 3D Poetry Project (whose page has been updated!).

Lots of stuff happening in the New Year so keep coming back for news!